Building Entrepreneurship

The course material contained here is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the study of entrepreneurship in a classroom/e-learning setting facilitated by an experienced instructor. The purpose of such experience is to stimulate student interaction so that the ideas presented can be more fully elaborated, challenged and understood.The course is not recommended as an academic exercise, but rather a practical and participative learning experience for individuals seeking to improve their entrepreneurial capabilities.

Course Outline     


  • Why this course?
  • How is it structured for maximum knowledge transfer?

Define Entrepreneurship

  • Where do we find it
  • Who is good at it
  • Some models and characteristics

Identification of an Opportunity

  • Assessment of market needs, competition, barriers,
  • Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats,
  • Entrepreneurial Networks

Building Individual Resources

  • Personal skills development,
  • Must-have skills, creativity, innovation, problem solving
  • Persistence, Sales, elevator pitch, competitiveness.

Building Organizational

  • Resources Building the organization (OPA),
  • Functional structure
  • Flexibility

Building Team Resources

  • Building the team
  • Project management
  • Sustaining performance

Financial Resources

  • Business case, project justification
  • Proof of concept
  • Creating value
  • Wealth creation and venture capital.

Measuring Success

  • calculate achievement
  • Pitfalls
  • No golden rules
  • What matters?

 Developing the Business Plan

Your final plan