Ownership and Accountability

Case Study: Ownership And accountability Situation Melanie is a new supervisor in the Procurement & Subcontracts organization and eager to prove herself. She understands that safety and quality are values on the WTP Project and is committed to upholding both. Today, Melanie is called into her manager’s office. One of the employees Melanie supervises has

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Conflict Resolution

This course provides an overview of conflict in the workplace, with a focus on developing the skills necessary to manage it. Specifically, it examines the nature and sources of conflict, the psychological experience of conflict, the choices around how to approach conflict, and the interpersonal skills that support productively managing conflict. The Certificate focuses on

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Building Entrepreneurship

The course material contained here is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the study of entrepreneurship in a classroom/e-learning setting facilitated by an experienced instructor. The purpose of such experience is to stimulate student interaction so that the ideas presented can be more fully elaborated, challenged and understood.The course is not recommended as an

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Business Accounting Concepts and Ratio Analysis Management

The basics of Business knowledge fall into nine disciplines namely Marketing, Ethics, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Operations, Economics, and Strategy. The combination of knowledge from all of these disciplines is what makes Business studies valuable. This synchronized, multidisciplinary approach is usually absent in apprentice business curriculum. By learning about business accounting concepts and

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A Guide to Business Strategy

Strategy is the most exciting course in any business curriculum because it gives the chance to put all of your management and work skills to effort. Strategy classes will place you in the chairman of the board’s chair, and you are going to love that feeling. Strategy refers to the actions that a company plans

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Efficient Marketing Management

Learning the fundamentals of Marketing is essential to the success of any business.The use of magic abbreviations like NPV, SPC, and MBO are actually very easy to learn and use provided you study and start using them at suitable time and appropriate place. The Business jargon are simple to study. As you go through this

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